Repair Hyundai Getz

Hyundai Getz. The maintenance
+ 1. Operation and maintenance service
+ 2. The engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. A running gear
+ 5. A steering
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. An electric equipment
- 8. A body
   Features of a design
   Care of the car
   Repair of a body of the car
   Removal and installation of external elements of a body of the car
   Removal and installation of elements of the equipment of salon and furnish of a body of the car
   Osteklenie bodies
   Possible malfunctions of a body, their reason and ways of elimination
9. Electric equipment schemes


Hyundai Getz>> Body>> Features of a design
The body of cars Hyundai bearing, two- or four-door type a sedan, consists of a skeleton and hinged knots. The skeleton of a body including the basis, боковины, a roof and the details of a skeleton connected with each other by electric welding (dot, шовной and arc), represents not folding design possessing sufficient rigidity and capable to bear on itself all units of the car, hinged knots of a body and an interior detail.

Large кузовной repair, and also replacement of the pasted wind and back glasses, as a rule, is necessary for carrying out in the conditions of servicing deport Hyundai where for this purpose there is all necessary equipment and adaptations.

Lateral doors, cowl, back door, forward wings, bumpers and radiator facing concern hinged knots. Doors, a cowl and a luggage carrier cover fasten on a body by means of loops. Forward wings fasten to a body bolts.
Forward and back bumpers fasten bolts. Radiator facing fastens by means of plastic clamps and screws.
Windscreen three-layer type triplex. Glasses of doors, lateral and back has flown down the tempered. Wind, back and lateral glasses are pasted in window apertures of a body.
Forward seats separate, with mechanisms of adjustment of an inclination of backs and movings to a longitudinal direction, with the easily removable headrests regulated on height. A back seat with an integral pillow and a back divided by a folding armrest on two parts.
Forward and back lateral seat belts inertial, a back belt of the average passenger zone not inertial.
In car salon are established прикуриватель, forward and back ashtrays, противосолнечные peaks, a heater, rear-view mirrors, hand-rail. Under a seat of the driver fastening for the fire extinguisher is provided.
The car is equipped by forward and back towing eyes.
Management of ventilation and salon heating is carried out in an automatic mode by the controller. If the car is equipped by climatic installation the controller also operates a microclimate in salon in an automatic mode. The part of let out cars can be equipped by system of ventilation and heating with management manually.
The body is supplied by exhaust ventilation through дефлектор with the valve established in a back wing of the car under facing of a bumper.