Repair Hyundai Getz

Hyundai Getz. The maintenance
+ 1. Operation and maintenance service
+ 2. The engine
+ 3. Transmission
+ 4. A running gear
+ 5. A steering
+ 6. Brake system
+ 7. An electric equipment
- 8. A body
   Features of a design
   Care of the car
   Repair of a body of the car
   Removal and installation of external elements of a body of the car
   Removal and installation of elements of the equipment of salon and furnish of a body of the car
   Osteklenie bodies
   Possible malfunctions of a body, their reason and ways of elimination
9. Electric equipment schemes

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Hyundai Getz>> Body>> Osteklenie bodies
The wind and back has flown down
For windscreen removal remove following details:
– Facings of forward racks of a body;
– An internal rear-view mirror;
– Screen wiper levers;
– A sealant and a niche cover воздухозабора;
– A windscreen overlay.
Cut off glue by means of the adaptation 09861–31100.
In case of a glass reuse put adjusting labels on glass and an aperture.
By means of holders of glass (suckers) remove a windscreen.
By means of a cutting torch or the adaptation 09861–31200 exactly cut off the platen of old glue till the thickness about 2 mm from a surface of gluing of glass on all perimetre of a flange of an aperture.

Do not cut off the platen of glue till the thickness, it is less than specified.
Accept safety measures not to damage a cutting torch a paint and varnish covering of a body. At damage restore a paint and varnish layer for what put a paint.
Clear a flange of an aperture of a windscreen a sponge impregnated with spirit or means for removal of mastics and degreasing.
Establish prorates in a windscreen aperture.
Establish a new windscreen in an aperture and a soft pencil put labels on glass and a body.
Establish a windscreen overlay, watching that between it and glass there were no backlashes.
On an internal surface has flown down on all perimetre of an edge paste a rubber insert for glue keeping at glass installation.

Distance from edge of glass to a technological rubber insert, mm:
The top edge has flown down..... 13
The lateral edge has flown down..... 13
The bottom edge has flown down..... 29
Apply a thin film a glutinous ground for glasses on an external surface of a rubber insert.

Do not touch glass as it can worsen quality склейки and to become the reason of a leaking of a place of glutinous connection after windscreen installation.
Do not put on glass a glutinous ground for кузовных details.
Do not suppose hit on the put glutinous sheet of water, a dust and abrasive particles.
Put a glutinous ground on the bottom edge of glass.
Put hermetic on glass edges on all perimetre.

       THE NOTE
Put a layer gluing not later than through 5 mines after drawing of a glutinous ground.

Apply a thin film a glutinous ground for кузовных details on left on an aperture flange has flown down a hermetic layer. After drawing of a glutinous ground establish glass not later than in five minutes after hermetic drawing.
By means of suckers establish a windscreen in an aperture, combining put earlier adjusting labels, and press glass to a hermetic layer.
Remove surplus of glue шпателем or erase its gauze. Fill with glue all emptiness revealed by survey on glass perimetre.
Check up tightness of a windscreen for what water with its stream of cold water, watching to damaging too strong stream a fresh glutinous layer. Water glass so that water flew down on glass edges.
At detection of leakings dry up a place of a leaking and put in addition hermetic.
Establish earlier removed details.

Within the first hour after installation do not suppose water hit on a windscreen.
Do not make trips on the car within first four hours after windscreen installation.
In need of a trip within first eight hours move with small speed. Do not slam with force of a door at all lifted опускных glasses.
Do not suppose influence on a body of the big braiding loadings which arise at congress from a carriageway or entrance on it or during movement on rough roads.

Removal and installation of back glass are spent similarly to removal and windscreen installation, except for specified more low.
For windscreen removal remove:
– A contact socket of wires of an element of heating of back glass;
– Facings of a door of a back;
– The lever and the screen wiper electric motor;
– An additional signal of braking.

Motionless lateral glasses  

Fig. 8.89. Motionless lateral glass: 1 – lateral glass; 2 – the overlay has flown down; 3 – holders of glass; 4 – a self-glued tape

Motionless lateral glass is shown on fig. 8.89.
For removal of motionless lateral glass remove following details:
– A back seat;
– Facing боковины;
– Facing of a back rack of a body.
Remove holders of lateral glass.
Remove an overlay of lateral glass and by means of the adaptation cut off a hermetic layer.
Remove glass.
By means of a cutting torch or the special adaptation exactly cut off from a gluing surface old hermetic till a thickness of a layer of 2 mm on all perimetre of glass.

Do not cut off the platen of glue till the thickness less specified and try not to damage a paint and varnish covering of a body a cutting torch. At damage restore a coat layer paint drawing.

Clear a flange of an aperture of lateral glass a sponge impregnated изопропиловым with spirit.
Carefully remove pollution, including oil and a dust, from a flange of an aperture of glass.
After clearing of a flange of an aperture wait not less than minute before to put on a flange priming glue for кузовных details.
Put priming glue on a flange of an aperture of lateral glass.
Before drawing of priming glue for кузовных details carefully stir up capacity with glue for reception of a homogeneous mix.
Put on glass priming glue for glasses and a glass overlay.
Put hermetic on all perimetre of lateral glass.
Establish lateral glass in a body aperture.

       THE NOTE
Establish glass in a body aperture not later than through 5 mines after hermetic drawing.