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Removal and installation
Open a cowl and remove facing of the lock of a cowl, having turned away two screws of fastening.

Fig. 7.54. A bolt of fastening of a sound signal

Fig. 7.55. A contact socket of a sound signal

Remove a sound signal, having turned away a fastening bolt (fig. 7.54) and having separated a contact socket (fig. 7.55).
Installation is spent in an order, the return to removal.

Check of a technical condition and adjustment
Check up work of a sound signal, having submitted pressure of the storage battery on signal conclusions — should work a sound signal. If it does not occur, replace a sound signal.
If force of sounding of a signal became less or there was a rattle, adjust a signal turn of the screw located on the case, in this or that party before reception of a loud and pure sound.

Fig. 7.56. Adjustment of a sound signal

Include a sound signal and achieve the necessary sounding by the adjusting screw (fig. 7.56).

       THE NOTE
After adjustment законтрите the adjusting screw for what put on it a few paints.